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Ten series special reports on different aspects tobacco control

Banglanews24 is one of the leading online news portals in the country and has become popular across the nation for its realistic news presentation. The news agency undertakes the initiative to bring out public sufferings and this time, it is about the use of tobacco and tobacco products. A series of ten special reports have been published on the news portal today 19th July 2017 and a summarized version of the reports are here in for your convenience.

The anti-smoking law

The anti-smoking law has been made stricter to prevent tobacco related diseases but the law implementation is unsatisfactory. The government introduced the Smoking and Tobacco Products Usage (Control) Act in 2005 and amended accordingly in 2013. The penalties for violating the law is rigid but it is being randomly violated. After the law, smoking is banned in all types of public places and the violators will be penalized by a monetary fine not more than BDT 300 and the penalty will be doubled if the violation is done again. The detail of the report is available on the following link: alth/news/bd/588530.details

Who to penalize smoking in public places?

Smoking in public places is a common scenario for the city dwellers. But after the anti-tobacco law, smoking in public places is a punishable offense but nobody is seen to be penalized for violating the law. Many of the smokers are aware of the law but they do not know who will implement the law as the law enforcers are also smoking cigarettes in public places. The detail of the report is available on the following link: alth/news/bd/588515.details

School goers addicted to cheap tobacco products

Selling cigarettes to minor and smoking under 18 years old is legally an offense but the number of young smokers is on the rise gradually. Investigations have found that the domination of cigarette selling stores is more before the educational institutions. Besides, the prices of tobacco products are cheaper than other products. Consequently, the students can have cigarettes easily. The detail of the report is available on the following link: alth/news/bd/588580.details

Smoking before PoS damages others

Many of the tobacco consumers start smoking immediately after purchasing them from the point of sales or from the cigarette selling stores. They actually do not consider the matter that the surrounded nonsmokers are also to suffer for them. Many of the smokers are unwilling to follow the law and have said to continue smoking whenever they want. The detail of the report is available on the following link: tional/news/bd/588486.details

Smoking inside ‘smoking-free’ railway wagon

Cigarette selling is a very common issue inside the large platforms of Dhaka Railway Station and Airport Railway Station, though the Railway has been declared smoking-free last year. People and even the member of different railway forces frequently smoke cigarettes in this places. Railway authority blames the police as they do not conduct anti-smoking drives inside the platforms. The detail of the report is on the following link: tional/news/bd/588485.details

DU faces cig smokes, ban ignored

Smoking is going on randomly in different parts of Dhaka University (DU) though the authority has imposed a ban on smoking inside the university campus. Besides, selling of cigarettes and other tobacco products is also going on recklessly. Investigations have found that cigarette selling is one of the prime business inside the university. Though the university authority initiative was supposed to reduce smoking, the real scenario is the opposite. The detail of the report is available on the following link: tional/news/bd/588484.details

Smoking before DMCH premise

Smoking in public place or inside any medical college is the violation of the law but smoking publicly is a very usual issue in the premise of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH). It causes trouble for many of the non-smokers. Tobacco products are sold in a wide number of selling points installed beside the entrances. The law enforcing members are reluctant to control the matter. The detail of the report is available on the following link: alth/news/bd/588502.details

Health Minister dislikes smoking

The Minister for Health, Mohammed Nasim is strictly against smoking. He has declared his ministry smoking-free. The Minister has continued his movement against smoking both in national and global level. He also has declared not to admit any smoker as a medical student. The government has adopted several measures to check tobacco use in the country. The detail of the report is available on the following link: tional/news/bd/588487.details

Fashion turns addiction for female smokers

Many of the females are addicted to smoking and they are found in different parts of the city. A large percentage of them started smoking as their hobby and gradually they have become addicted to this bad habit. Besides, many of the poor females are found in selling cigarettes and other tobacco products as they get a bit more profit from this business. The detail of the report is available on the following link: alth/news/bd/588591.details

Law enforcers smoke in public

Despite the punitive measures against smoking in public places after the tobacco control law, there are no remarkable changes about the matter and smoking in public places has become a usual issue. Even the law enforcers are also seen smoking in public places wearing their uniforms. The detail of the report is available on the following link: tional/news/bd/588483.details

Apart from these, following the PROGGA’s industry watch alert, a media story about the donation of BATB to Labour Welfare Foundation to gain benefits against its workers by Shafiqul Islam has published in another online news portal Bangla Tribune on 18th July 2017. The detail of the report is available on the following link: usiness/news/225011/বিএটিবিকে- শ্রমিক-স্বার্থবিরোধী-সুবিধা-দি চ্ছে-শ্রম

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