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Media policy stressed for promoting DRR

Media policy stressed for promoting DRR. Against the monsoon tragedies of floods, landslides and water logging in the city, news managers from leading print and broadcast media with disaster experts met here today for a discussion on mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the newsrooms.

The participants focused on the challenges faced by editors in the publication of disaster management topics and debated steps that must be taken to bring changes.

Stories on destruction during disasters take precedence over reporting on DRR that is recognized as crucial to mitigate human and economic loss.

News Managers recommended that the media can act as a pressure group to include DRR in official policy, media houses can develop a disaster beat for regular disaster risk reduction reporting, disaster reporters need to be trained and Standing Order of Disasters (SOD) should also include the role of the media in disaster prevention and recovery.

They also observed that media should promote indigenous knowledge in disaster reporting and disaster risk reduction and large private enterprises should support the media`s role in DRR

Chief Information Commissioner Professor Golam Rahman moderated the roundtable discussion at CIRDAP Auditorium here, hosted by SEEDS Asia, a leading disaster management organization based in Kobe, Japan. SEEDS Asia Dhaka office is working on urban disaster risk reduction in liaison with North Dhaka City Cooperation.

During the discussion, SEEDS Asia’s media specialist Suvendrini Kakuchi gave a presentation on role of the Japanese media in disaster risk reduction with its focus on saving lives through the regular dissemination of factual information and lesson learned from survivors based on the concept of mutual and self-help.

Director of Dhaka University’s Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies Professor Mahbuba Nasreen, Prothom Alo and SEEDS Asia Programme Coordinator Miharu Sato also spoke among others.

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