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INBOUND: A Group Exhibition By Aban Raza, Megha Madan & Aditi Aggarwal

Inbound ExibitionIn this post you will learn more about “INBOUND: A Group Exhibition By Aban Raza, Megha Madan & Aditi Aggarwal”. Echoing the contours of interiority, in its many forms, Inbound, is an exhibition that unravels a spatial truth of the explorations of these three women artists, in their respective subjective selves. Each artist’s work is distinct and yet is connected by a strong desire to place herself in the larger scheme of things.The works exhibited in the exhibition include paintings, serigraphs and book format works.

Megha’s works have always revolved around the idea of City and home where she is in search of herself. The idea of finding her place in a cluttered, crowded and fast paced city is central in her work. A home in a city is what she aims to construct through origami structures which reflect her self-sufficiency. She says “I am not dependent on anyone and create my own world and in that same world I depend on technology to finally find where I really am.”

While talking about her work Aban shares “The communication and social relevance of art is its core strength. The value of art lies in its potential impact on human mind and life. My art should be able to include my human existence, my mind, my emotions, my conscious and unconscious connections with the world at large, I need a language. To me, ‘distortion’, exaggeration of line, colour, form and indeed the entire visualization, makes my dialectal linguistics. To me this becomes a vital part of my vocabulary to express the real life distortion, exaggeration of human emotions, in display, in the realm of personal, impersonal, domestic and international, regional and universal, physical and imagined. For me, as an artist, Art works as great proactive tool, a profession to spread awareness and to talk about multiple human realities and human existence, which comes with great involvement of mind, exploration, discussions, interactions, thinking, reflecting, objective observance and enhancement of professional skills and engagement within society.”

About the series Mindscapes exhibited as a part of the show, Aditi says, “my works explore and express the idea of repetition, beauty, automatism and spontaneity. The objective is to create sense of pattern in the non-pattern and movement in the works, through exploring the physical surface, improvising the image and exploring the pictorial possibilities” describing her pictorial concerns over conceptual. “My works are about playing with layers in a painting. While exploring the “layering process” I have also experimented with works in a book format, in which layers are depicted by the “pages”. While painting, within these layers, I come across many different stages where the multitude of visuals appear and diminish subsequently. The works are devoid of any preconceived notion or deliberation. While painting, I sometimes de-structure the image into several layers to see the possibilities in juxtapositions and separations. . To me it is very necessary that the visual should be unified. The course of painting itself gives birth to forms and thereafter dictating dimensional spaces, bringing the surface alive with movement and life. I aim at creating visuals resonating with energy; evolve as a personal mapping of my working process.

About the Participating Artists:

New Delhi based Aban Raza is a practicing artist and film director holding Masters of Fine Arts (Print-Making) and Bachelors of Fine Arts (Painting) from College Of Art, New Delhi. She is a recipient of Lalit Kala Akademi Grant, 2013, All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, 2014 and Somnath Hore Award 2013. Her work has been exhibited in 6th Edition of Guanlan International Print Biennale, Pond Salon Gallery, Sahitya Kala Parishad, Art Heritage, Dhoomimal Gallery amongst many more. She has been the Associate Director of Feature Film ‘M Cream’. Between 2015 and 2016 she worked as an assistant researcher at the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts and also holds and experience of being the assistant to the Production Designer of Progressive Films.

Currently pursuing PhD in Printmaking (as a JRF candidate) from University of Delhi, Megha Madan is a visual artist from New Delhi holding BFA in Painting and MFA in Printmaking from College of Art, New Delhi. Her work has been a part of several group shows across the country since 2012, selected in renowned exhibitions and award shows. Recently she was awarded the Merit award, Delhi zone by the Prafulla Dahanukar organization. She is an active art educationist taking art workshops for all age groups and has also taught in Springdales School earlier. Her work has been exhibited at Art Society of India, Mumbai, CIMA Art Gallery, Kolkata, AIFACS, New Delhi, Guanlan Chinese biennial, South Central Zone Cultural Centre Nagpur, Bombay Art Society, CVM College of Fine Arts, Lalit kala National exhibition, Stainless art Gallery, New Delhi, Art Centrix New Delhi, Triveni Kala Sangam, Lessedra Gallery, Bulgaria, Arpana art Gallery , NIV Art Centre in February, Palm court gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi amongst many more.

Born in 1987, New Delhi, Aditi Aggarwal is a visual artist based in Noida. She holds M.F.A. (2013) and B.F.A. (2010) in Painting from College Of Art, University of Delhi, New Delhi. She was awarded Gold Medal during MFA degree and Sailoz Award during her BFA final year with respect to academics. She is a recipient of H.R.D. National Scholarship, Ministry of Culture & Camel Art Foundation Award‎. Between 2014-15, she worked as an associate researcher for Sangeet Natak Academy (India’s National Academy of Music, Dance & Drama) and for The Museum of Sacred Art, Belgium (Delhi Chapter) on the project “Forms of Devotion”.‎ Last year she had her first Solo Show titled as ‘Recent works’ curated by Amal Allana , Text by Prof. (Dr.) Nuzhat Kazmi at Art Heritage II, New Delhi. Her work has been exhibited at KalaKriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad; Art Heritage Gallery, Sanskriti Kendra Anandgram , Lalit Kala Akademi etc.

a group exhibition by Aban Raza, Megha Madan and Aditi Aggarwal
Gallery No. 1
Lalit kala Akademi
Rabindra Bhavan,
35, Ferozeshah Road,
New Delhi-110001
From Oct 6th ( 6 pm onwards )
On till 12th 2017 ( 7 pm )

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