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Environment Reader for Universities

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), an environment NGO, have pleasure informing you about our series of new books in print and digital formats to spread environment awareness:


Environment Reader for Universities – Rs.290
First Food: Culture of Taste – Rs.950
Annual State of India’s Environment (SOE) 2017 – Rs.350
The Crow, Honey Hunter and the Kitchen Garden (Children’s Book Series) – Rs.150
Bioscope of Piu & Pom (Children’s Book Series) – Rs.125
NOT IN MY BACKYARD: Solid Waste Management in Indian Cities – Rs.490
Why I Should be Tolerant: a collection of essays from Sunita Narain – Rs.350

eBooks (downloadable PDF only)

Why I Should be Tolerant (eBook) – Rs.150
An 8-Million-Year-Old Mysterious Date with Monsoon (eBook) – Rs.180
Why Urban India Floods (eBook) – Rs.250
State of India’s Environment 2016 (eBook) – Rs.160
State of India’s Environment 2016 – IN FIGURES (eBook) – Rs.100
Clean up Your Act: The State of Sanitation in India (eBook) – Rs.180
SOE 2017 – in Figures (only eBook) – Rs.150

HOW TO ORDER – Special discounts and T-Shirts on a minimum order for Rs.1,000 nett

There are special discounts on some of these books during this month. You can order any of these and many more of our other books, films and T-Shirts online by visiting our CSE Store at:

You can also place your order along with a Cheque drawn in favour of “Centre for Science and Environment” and mail it to us.

Please equip your library or personal collection with some of these top of the line publications from CSE. If you order for a minimum of Rs.1,000 nett after discount, you will get a T-Shirt as a gift, for a limited period – Please ask for this when you send your payment!!

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