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An Urge to the Public Universities

An Urge to the Public Universities. Students Should be Admitted at 1st year Hons’
on the basis of Numerical Number, Not GPA.
This year’s HSC results have frustrated many examinees and their Guardians. Specially newly introduced system of presenting numerical number alongwith GPA (Grade Point Average) in the marksheet have fuelled this frustration.

Though 79 and 80 are almost the same numerically, they have significant difference in the GPA scale (A & A+, respectively) and that is why, the Supreme Court of the country, in a verdict, has directed the authorities concerned to cite numerical number along with GPA obtained in the marksheet for the sake of transparency in the eleven class admission.

In the light of that very verdict, Public Universities and Medical Colleges should consider numerical number, not GPA, in their 1st year admission process. Accordingly, qualification to apply or merit position of the newly recruits should be fixed on the basis of that numerical number as it is being followed in the eleven class admission.

This noble step would greatly help remove irregularities and coaching business from the educational institutions. This would also ultimately bring a relief to the frustrated examinees (and their guardians) who narrowly missed the desired GPA score.

Sincerely Yours

Taslima Akter
741, M M Ali Road, Dampara.

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