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African Youth Conference on Climate Change

African Youth Conference on Climate Change. African Youth Conference on Climate Change (AfriYOCC). Theme: ‘Integrating African Youth in the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions: Trends and Prospects’

Africa’s population is young and continues to get younger; this has presented an opportunity for young people to elevate the continent. The prospects offer African youth a space to create their ideal future. Some being involved in sustainable solutions and ecological projects. In tackling the solutions youth often face limitations such as access to finance, land, credit, training and new technologies needed to effectively improve livelihoods and deal with challenges posed by climate change.

The 23rd African Union Summits of Head of State and Governments Decision on the High Level Work Programme on Climate Change Action in Africa (WPCCAA) Assembly/AU/Dec.538(XXIII), Malabo 2014 recognized the need to elaborate on the implementation of the Committee of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change (CAHOSCC) Youth Programme on Climate Change (CYPCC) including Youth participation in climate change negotiations and continental wide youth competition and other activities related to youth participation on climate change aspects to enhance youth engagement in climate change actions. Sequel to this, the African Union Commission and UNECA organized a CAHOSCC Gender and Youth on Climate Change Regional Meeting, Kenya in June 2016 to brainstorm on effective strategies for integrating youth and women in climate change negotiations, policies and actions at regional and national levels.

Key outcomes from the meeting was the Youth Statement which recommended the integration, capacity building and Financing Youth participation in climate change negotiation processes at national, regional and international levels. It also recommended the Creation of a CAHOSCC Youth Group of Negotiators (CYGN) to be integrated in national and regional government delegations to Climate Negotiations.

Consequently, the previous editions of the African Youth Conference on Climate Change (AfriYOCC) organized by AYICC in Zimbabwe (2015) and Kenya (2016) jump started and strengthened the processes for youth mainstreaming at regional climate change processes.

Thus, the 3rd edition of the African Youth Conference on Climate Change (AfriYOCC) aims to provide a unique platform for African youth to create awareness about the critical role young people should play in shifting agendas in UNFCCC, regional and national negotiation processes.

AfriYOCC will enhance dialogue and understanding of the dynamics and impacts of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and possible entry points for youth engagement. It will also facilitate the articulation of the views and youth position to COP23 and beyond.

1. To create a platform for discussions, sharing of ideas and experiences among youth participants and selected stakeholders. to discuss current and emerging issues on climate change
2. To develop and publish a youth position paper ahead of COP23
3. Showcase best practice projects by youth on climate change.
4. Develop a youth roadmap for implementing NDCs and integrating youth into the national Government Delegation and Team of Negotiators for COP23 and beyond
5. To Launch AYICC’s Five year strategy on Climate change

Expected Outcomes
1. A clear understanding of the Youth engagement strategy in NDCs’ implementation
2. A youth position paper for COP23
3. Youth Best practices showcased
4. New partners to liaise with on climate change issues across the continent
5. Youth selected to join national Government Delegation and Team of Negotiators for COP23

Target Group and Participation
200 youth across Africa selected from:
1. AYICC Leadership and members
2. Youth led climate and environmental organizations
3. Youth climate activists
4. Grassroots youth and farmers
5. stakeholders from Government and CSOs

Dates and Venue: October 25 – 27, 2017. Abuja. Nigeria

The Conference will be jointly hosted by AYICC, Federal Ministry of Environment – Nigeria.

Conference Highlights

Day One: October 25, 2017
1. Opening Ceremony – 10am – 12pm
2. High Level Panel on the Youth and the NDCs (12pm – 1pm)
3. lunch (1pm – 2pm)
4. Simultaneous Breakout Sessions (2pm – 3pm)
a. Youth Position paper on COP23
b. Eco-smart projects Clinic (pitching youth-led projects)
c. Climate Simulation
d. Youth Roadmap on the NDCs
5. Plenary (3pm – 4pm)

Day Two: October 26, 2017
1. Thematic sessions (Agric, climate policy (FMEnv), Renewable Energy, REDD+): 9am – 11am
2. Green Space (bazaar: youthhub,) 11am – 12pm
3. AYICC Congress (12pm – 1pm)
4. lunch (1pm – 2pm)
5. Cinema4Climate (screening of one film on climate change) – 2pm – 3pm
6. Closing Ceremony (presentation of youth position, road map) – 3pm – 4pm

Day Three: October 27, 2017
1. African Youth Agric Festival & Concert
3. Visit to a Green project (Optional)

October 28th: Departures

Deadline: Deadline: 21 August 2017

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